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What Challenges Do Adult Children And Parents Face In Planning For The Future?

One of the challenges that parents face in planning for the future is determining how they will pass their legacy forward, which is comprised of their values and attitudes. Another challenge parents face is how to transfer their assets to their children. Have they done the appropriate planning to transfer assets to their children efficiently and effectively? Another challenge parents face is how do they plan for aging? To be more specific, does either parent foresee a need for a transition to an assisted care living center or nursing home in the future? If so, have they planned appropriately? Have they done the Medicaid planning? Have they transferred assets to family members properly in preparation? Do they have long-term care insurance to help offset the cost? One of the challenges adult children face is how to properly care for aging parents. Do they care for their parents in their homes, the parent’s homes or the children’s homes? Do the parents move in with them? Do they put them in an assisted care living center or nursing home? Do the parents have the resources to provide for their care or do the adult children need to help their parents with the resources?

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