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How Is Child Support Determined In Arizona?

In Arizona, child support is determined by income and some other factors. The calculation is made using a one page Excel spreadsheet. The first big factor is income. The court will consider each parent’s gross monthly income and the difference between the incomes on the spreadsheet and come up with a number. The court will also consider medical insurance. If one parent is working and has an employer-sponsored insurance plan, then the cost to ensure the child or children for that parent is placed on the spreadsheet. Another factor the court considers is how much parenting time each parent has. In an equal parenting time arrangement if both parents’ incomes are similar then the child support amount may be fairly nominal. But, if one parent only has every other weekend with the kids, then child support amount would be somewhat higher.

There are smaller factors that will affect the calculation. For example, the calculation will be changed if a parent gets married or divorced. If one parent has another child with a new spouse, then they would get a deduction for a natural child of another relationship or if a parent has a child under 18 from a previous relationship they will get a deduction from the basic child support obligation for that child. But the number one factor is the difference in income between the parties.

If Parents Have Equal Parenting Time, Does Anyone Have To Pay Child Support?

It will depend on the difference in their incomes on a gross monthly income basis. If there is a very big gap between the two, then one of the parents will pay some child support. If the incomes are identical or close to the same, then there may not be any child support or child support may be minimal.

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