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Divorce, or the dissolution of a marriage, often entails a stressful mix of emotional aggravation, lifestyle adjustments, financial concerns and disputes regarding children, property division and what is best for you. Whether a divorce is combative or peaceful, divorce is a process that involves a series of steps required by law, which conclude in a final dissolution judgment or decree. At times, the divorce process can be time consuming, weigh heavily on one’s emotions and be quite costly. Consulting with the right divorce attorney can go a long way towards alleviating the unfavorable effects of the divorce process. At the Law Office of Christopher W. Caine we make sure our clients are taken care of the proper way by ensuring that they understand the process while helping them with any difficult circumstances in an efficient manner.

A petition for dissolution of marriage may be filed with the court by either spouse. The one who initiates is often referred to as the petitioner. The non-filing spouse is referred to as the respondent.

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