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Dealing With A Move-Away/Relocation Dispute In California

August 16, 2017

A custodial parent requesting the court to allow him or her to move the child to a location that would interfere with the non custodial parent’s visitation is commonly referred to as a move-away or relocation case. Move-away cases are often the most difficult disputes that a divorcing couple may face. A court’s ruling in a move-away or relocation case can have a profound impact on all the parties involved.  Unless there is an agreement, parents who wish to move their child must seek permission from the court before doing so. Factors Courts Consider in Move-Away Disputes Courts will determine… Read More

Arizona Divorce Mediation

July 4, 2017

Mediation often works well in divorce cases. Through mediation you save tens of thousands of dollars versus fighting against your spouse in court. This method of resolution is different than arbitration. Your divorce mediator cannot rule on contested issues between spouses, only assisting on terms where they agree. But through a mediator you can reach a fair and equitable agreement, if you are willing to try. A mediator keeps your discussions confidential, allowing the husband and wife confidence to freely discuss possible settlement terms. But if this mediation does not work, the discussed terms are not admissible as evidence in… Read More

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